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Advanced Machine Work (1925 workshop)

Written by Robert H. Smith

Here's one of the best general machine shop books around. Smith brought out this book in 1915, updating it in 1925. That makes it new enough to still be of great value, but old enough to contain many techniques that are no longer taught.

You get easy-to-read text, step-by-step instructions, and great illustrations. Modern books are prettier, but they cannot possibly do a better job of teaching.

The book covers everything you can imagine from basic operation of a micrometer and vernier caliper, to the testing of machine tools for accuracy. You'll learn the different methods of turning tapers and their fitting, detailed instructions on cutting threads, making bolts and nuts, face plates and chucks, mounting work, turning flanges and pulleys, boring, threading, cutting square thread bolts and nuts, cutting multiple threads, knurling, and more.

You'll learn about drilling jigs, eccentric turning, facing large cylinders, use of steadies and followers, external and internal grinding, and the grinding of piston rings, milling cutters, reamers.

Chapter nine covers planers and their uses. Learn to plane keyways, lathe beds, vises, and more.

In learning to use a milling machine you'll groove taps, flute reamers, mill T-slots in a circular table and more.

There's more, from gear cutting to making mandrels, taps, twist drills, using indicators, sine bars and more. Learn how to make expensive tools that you now buy. Even learn how to check the accuracy of lathes, milling machines, drill presses, and even use optical flats to measure to millionths of an inch.

Code No. 001887, 800 pages, $50.00

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