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Running an Engine Lathe (1941)

No Longer Available

If you're just starting out using a metal cutting lathe, or you're trying to learn techniques you feel you should have known all along, then grab this. This small, but jam-packed book will show you all the basic techniques of running a lathe.

There are thirteen chapters covering the engine lathe including:

You'll learn all about essential operations in easy-to-read and understand text illustrated with simple, clear drawings. You'll learn about different kinds of dogs, split collars, toolholder and bits, work with shoulders, boring the end of a bar, home-made follower rest, saving a poor casting, bridle for faceplate work, slotted chucks for flat work, precision drilling, boring cylinders, ways of figuring tapers, rapid thread cutting, cutting a double or triple thread, cutting Brown & Sharpe worm threads, using dial indicators, and much more.

There are many tables describing tapers, V-threads, square threads, ACME threads, grinding angles on many different tools, and more.

The author was an old man when he authorised this in 1941, he was editor emeritus of American Machinist magazine, and was the Colvin of Colvin & Stanley fame that turned out American Machinist handbook and countless text. The man was an expert machinist.

Code No. 001903

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