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Steam Wagon Manual

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How to Get The Best Out of All Types of Steam Road Vehicles Maintenance - Overhaul - Garage & Running Repairs. First published 1918, reprinted 1994

CHAPTER IPurchasing a Steam Wagon, Either New or Second-hand • Points to Bear in Mind When Choosing a Steam Wagon • Fuel and Water Consumption • Hill Climbing Capabilities • The Platform Level • Examination of Second-hand Wagons • Examination of the Wheels
CHAPTER IIThe Garage and Its Equipment • Construction • List of Spare Parts • Stock of Repairing Materials • Systematic Storage
CHAPTER IIISteam Production and the Perfect Combustion of Fuel in the Fire-box • Ascending and Descending Hills • Water Control
CHAPTER IVRegulation of Power • Pump and Injector Merits • Steering and Brake Control • Lubrication Hints • Temporarily Increasing the Power • Care of the Driving Chain • Starting Up and Shutting Down
CHAPTER VLegal Requirements • The Rule of the Road • Accidents and Breakdowns • Weight Limits
CHAPTER VIGeneral Overhauling • Shed-day Work • Using a Tube Scraper • Repacking the Glands
CHAPTER VIIDiagnosing and Remedying Faults • Loss of Power • Valve Setting • Fuel and Water Consumption • Testing the Pump and Injector • Leaks in Suction Pipe • Testing the Wheel Alignment
CHAPTER VIIIDismantling and Overhauling • Care of Parts • Methods of Withdrawing the Tubes • How to Remove a Stay • Cracks in the Flanged Plates
CHAPTER IXEngine Overhaul and Repair • Reboring the Cylinders • Testing the Crankshaft
CHAPTER XOverhauling the Transmission Gear • Chain Repairs
CHAPTER XIOverhauling the Springs, Steering, Front Axle, Fore-carriage and Brake Gear
CHAPTER XIIOverhauling and Repairing the Frame, Water Tank, Wheels, Body, etc.
CHAPTER XIIIRe-erecting a Chassis • Re-erecting the Cylinders • Lining Up Cylinders • Alignment of the Gear Wheels
CHAPTER XIVLaying Up a Steam Wagon When Not in use • Weather Protection • Maintenance Contracts • Bonuses for Drivers
CHAPTER XVRUBBER TYRES Higher First Cost-Saving in Greater Mileage • The Makers' Guarantee • How Tyre Efficiency is Obtained

Code No. 005876, 108 pages, ISBN 185761089X, $19.00

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