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Laying Out for Boiler Makers and Plate Fabricators 5th Edition 1944

A Practical Treatise on the Layout of Boilers, Stacks, Tanks, Pipes, Elbows and Miscellaneous Sheet Metal Work.

This is a 1944 book about taking a flat sheet of metal, drawing all kinds of fancy triangles on it, putting it in a brake and turning it into a three dimensional object. What's unusual here is that the sheet metal is boiler plate and the objects you end up with are steam boilers.

This is a good book. If you like to work sheet metal, this will show you the geometry you need to layout and fabricate some of the most unusual tapered, gooseneck adapters and unusual curved forms you'll ever see. This is an incredible layout book that goes well beyond the usual simple sheet exercises.

If you are interested in building boilers, you've got a winner here. Chapters include the subject of laying out, triangulation, how to lay out a tubular boiler, how to lay out a locomotive boiler, how to layout a Scotch boiler, repairing locomotive and other types of boilers, the layout and construction of steel stacks, and miscellaneous problems.

This is wall-to-wall drawings. If you found Meyer's "Locomotive Construction" interesting, you can be assured that this is almost identical. The headings under each chapter are unlike anything else, for example: holding quantities of flues, smoke box liner, firebox crown sheet, circumferential seams, backing out rivets and repairing cracked mud ring, nest coil semi-flash boilers, a flue and return tubular boiler with drop leg furnaces, a lobster back boiler, layout of an arched smoke box, development of ogee corner, and more.

The last chapter on "miscellaneous problems" makes up more than half the book. There are boilers that look like brew kettles. Even a complex intake elbow for an 18,000 h.p. water turbine. One pattern will show you how to make a pouring lip for a foundry ladle.

First and foremost, this is a book on taking flat sheets of metal and converting them into three dimensional shapes. This is by far the best book I have seen on the topic.

You get detailed plans with all the flues, rivets, and bolts shown. You get formulas to calculate unknowns and ensure success.

This very comprehensive book coves all aspects of marking out plate and pipe work for boiler and tank construction.

There are chapters on basic laying out covering the types of tools to use, the squaring up of a plate, construction of cylinders and cones, joining cylinders and cones at angles.

Also covered is the laying out of boilers such as tubular boilers, locomotive boiler and scotch boilers. Which inlcudes collapsing pressure of flues, fastening braces, steam domes, and much more.

Another chapter covers repairing of boilers. Applying patches, renewing stays etc. Also some water tube boilers such as the Babcock & Wilcox, Stirling, Yarrow and semi flash steam boilers are covered.

There is also a chapter on laying out of pipework, "Y" connections, conical elbows, running from round to rectangular, smokestacks. As well as wheelbarrow body, even metal bath tubs along with countless more examples.

Over 800 Illustrations.

Code No. 007337, 522 pages, $77.00

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