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Windpumps A Guide for development workers

Using windpumps can be a reliable, cost effective and environmentally benign means of providing a supply of clean water in rural area. Although windpumps have been in commercial production for over 100 years, there is still enormous potential for their use in communities and on farms throughout the development world.

The scarcity of appropriate information on the technology, economics and practicalities of using windpumps has helped to restrict the development of windpumping. This guide aims to assist development workers and project managers in assessing their needs and choosing and implementing an appropriate windpumping system.

Windpumps: A guide for development workers looks systematically at every aspect of the implementation of a wind-powered water-pumping system. Different situations and applications are discussed, along with details of how to assess existing local resources and evaluate the relative economics. Simple methods are described to help in sizing and specifying appropriate types of windpump, and advice given on machine procurement, installation, operation and maintenance.

An illustrated buyers' guide gives full details of over 40 of the world's major manufacturers and the range of windpumping equipment and services they offer, and lists addresses of manufacturers in 36 different countries around the world. Other appendices give useful information for life-cycle costing and summary data for assessing other methods of pumping.

Even though this book is primarily aimed at the development worker, it is still quite relevant to the farmer in Australia.

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Code No. 007635, 156 pages, ISBN 1853391263, $65.00

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