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Energy Options An introduction to small-scale renewable energy tech.

Edited and introduced by Drummond Hislop.

The degree of interest in the Western world in renewable energy resources has reflected the different stages of the economic cycle, and environmental fashion. However, in developing countries, the problem of energy does not go away, for many people have no, or limited, access to fossil-fuel sources of power. This book is devoted to the options available in energy resources of a non-fossil nature.

Renewable energy can present a baffling array of options to non-specialist programme and project managers, government officials and multinational advisers. While there can be no simple answer to the question of which energy technology is best in any given situation, the generalist - and quite often the specialist - will find here the information needed to help dispel confusion and facilitate decision-making.

This informative illustrated book brings together experts from many sources to contrast the relative merits of biomass, solar, PV, thermal, water and wind power, as well as detailing some direct applications of different forms of renewable energy, to help enable the decision-maker to weigh up the alternatives.

Once a renewable energy technology has been selected, there is useful advise on implementation, with formulae for calculating energy demand and capacity, and lists of energy supplies and sources of further information.

Code No. 007644, 109 pages, $29.95

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