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Micro-Hydro Power A Guide for development workers

Micro-hydro Power is a comprehensive and practical guide to this valuable renewable energy resource, bringing together the authors' many years of practical experience in micro-hydro design and implementation throughout the world. It has been written because of a lack of reliable information about practical solutions for providing energy in remote areas.

This book is essential reading for anyone involved in designing or implementing micro-hydro power schemes in both developing and developed countries, and for those operating and maintaining existing systems. It will also be useful for anyone running training courses in micro-hydro technology. Micro-hydro Power will assist anyone with some general technical experience to arrive at practical and soundly based decisions on such questions as:

The authors of this book are applications specialists with IT Power and the Stockholm Environment Institute.

IT Power is an international firm of engineering energy consultants which specializes in the implementation of new and renewable energy technologies for rural development.

The Stockholm Environment Institute is an international research organization specializing in environmental management and technology. The main themes of its activities are at present global energy futures, climate change, biotechnology in agriculture, and the areas of economics, ethics and environmental value. A major component of SEI's energy programme is related to Third World energy utilization and technologies. The Institute's headquarters are in Stockholm, with branch offices in Boston (USA) and York (UK).

Code No. 007645, 150 pages, ISBN 9781853390296, $64.00

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