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The Power Guide An international catalogue of small-scale energy equip

With introduction by Wim Hulscher and Peter Fraenkel.

The price or reliability of petroleum supplies and pressures to reduce environment pollution have revived and increased the interest in renewable energy sources. Wind, sun, water and biomass are particularly suited for use with small-scale decentralized energy systems. Those responsible for energy supply (government energy planners, development project managers or small business entrepreneurs) are often faced with the need to decide which energy sources and conversion technology is most appropriate to their specific situation, and where they can obtain the necessary equipment.

This invaluable guide to small-scale energy equipment (up to 250 kW) will provide some of the answers to such problems. The Power Guide will facilitate decision making by providing guidelines for the selection of the most appropriate renewable energy source as well as providing information on hundreds of products from almost 500 manufacturers and suppliers in over 40 countries throughout the world, covering the following areas:

The information is divided into chapters by energy source, each with an introduction containing guidelines for equipment selection and the possibilities and constraints of using that source. This is followed by manufacturer's data with key information about the equipment. Guidelines are also included for the selection of internal combustion engines, and solar-thermal, biogas and ethanol equipment. This is essential reading for all those who are interested in renewable energies or responsible for selecting energy equipment throughout the world.

Code No. 007648, 280 pages, ISBN 9781853391927, $92.00

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