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Metal Casting Appropriate technology in the small foundry by S.Hurst

This technical introduction to small-scale non-ferrous casting provides practical information and advice for metalworkers, engineers and manufacturing entrepreneurs who are interested in metal casting on a small scale.

Illustrated instructions are provided on how to make equipment using local materials, and on various casting techniques. These include green sand moulding - low-cost and relatively simple, encompassing different methods of sand casting appropriate to various types of product - and investment casting, which is an older, more versatile and precise technique but is more time-consuming. These and other methods are described and compared along with advice on design and pattern making, core mixtures, the use of wax, metal preparation and melting, fault finding and remedies, and kilns and furnaces.

The emphasis is on local construction of equipment, often using recycled materials - there is a useful section on scrap materials and how to identify and use them - and on presenting a wide range of methods, traditional and modern, based on the author's extensive practical experience.

This is an essential addition to the bookshelf of the small rural workshop or urban engineering business.

Code No. 007899, 227 pages, ISBN 1853391972, $50.00

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