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Ignition Coils and Magnetos in Miniature, How they work & how to build them by Bob Shores

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This is a book intended for the model engine maker, to explain how to make miniature ignition coils and magnetos. Ignition coils that are around 2 inches high, easy to conceal in a model engine.

The basics of electricity is explained along with details of conventional automotive ignition coils.

Basic theory of ignition coil design is covered along with several examples of construction of ignition coils. The construction of a small coil winder is covered, along with some dimensioned drawings. Details are also given of a small vacuum impregnation chamber for coil insulation.

As more advanced projects there are wood cased trembler coil, and small magnetos. Also details of small points are covered.

This book should not only be of interest to the model maker but any one who is interested in understanding and fixing ignition systems. It is written in laymans terms by Bob Shores who has an extensive industrial background in electronics and engineering, and now in his retirement builds miniature I.C. engines.

Code No. 007938, 275 pages, $60.00

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