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The Raritan 3/4" Scale (plans/building instructions) by W.H. Morewood

Locomotives of this type were built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia about 1875. They were quite light and were used for local service and switching. Probably the best known is the "J. W. Bowker" which was built for the Virginia and Truckee Railroad in Nevada.

The model is similar to the "J. W. Bowker", though some dimensions and certain mechanical features have been changed to improve its performance as a small live steamer. With a riding car equipped with ball bearings, the "Raritan" will pull two adults.

Its specifications are as follows:

Bore and stroke7/8" x 1 1/4"
Driver diameter3 1/4"
Valve gearSlip eccentric
BoilerCopper, silver soldered
Steam pressure100 Lbs./Sq. In.
Grate2 x 4"
Feed water supplyAxle pump on the engine
Hand pump in the tender
WeightEngine 40 Lbs.
Tender 15 Lbs.
Lengthoverall 37"
Track Gauge3 1/2"
Minimum track radius15 Ft.

The "Raritan" was designed to be built on a 9" lathe with a milling attachment. A drillpress and a grinder and the usual assortment of hand tools are also needed. The silver soldering required can be done with a Prest-O-Lite acetylene torch of the type normally used for plumbing work.

The amount of time required to build a locomotive depends, to a large degree, on the experience of the builder and on the equipment available. For this engine, it might take a person familiar with machine shop work about 800 hours.

3/4" scale engines run on track which measures 3 1/2" between the rails. This gauge is found on most club tracks and its dimensions are standard throughout this country and the world.

A 2-4-0 wheel arrangement makes a good working model. Almost all the weight is carried on the two driving axles and a relatively large firebox may be used.

Since the "Raritan" is small and light, it may easily be carried by one man and may be stored on a shelf or mantelpiece. Replicas of locomotives built in the 1800's make attractive models as many of the originals had bright red cowcatchers and wheels, a good deal of polished brass and brightly painted cabs and tenders.

3/4" Scale Flatcar

This car, with its arch bar type trucks, is similar in appearance to those generally used on the railroads about 1875. It is designed as a riding car and will support the weight of two adults. The trucks are equipped with ball bearings and wheel brakes.

The Raritan book contains complete drawings and instructions for the locomotive, tender and flatcar.

Code No. 008074, 70 pages, $69.00

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