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An Introduction to Knots by E.T. Davies

There are not many different things that we try to do when using ropes. Either holding something down, holding something closed, to pull on something and not much else. To achieve these objectives, we can generally get away with a limited number of knots, we only need to attach the rope to something, attach a rope to another rope or pull a rope around something tightly. That's about it. Generally there are eight basic knots that we should know to use rope to meet simple needs. They are Sheet Bend, Fisherman's Bend, Clove Hitch, Bowline, Lineman's Loop, Figure Eight Knot, Reef Knot, and Constrictor Knot. But to complicate things, we sometimes have different sized ropes that need to be joined, or we need to use the middle of the rope instead of the end of the rope, or the object we want to tie the rope to is irregularly shaped.

This book is the answer to your knot tying problems. It contains over 50 different knots, which are based on around 25 specific knots.

There are clear step by step illustrations of tying the basic knots, then there are a host of illustrations of the way the knot can be used, and also showing the variations of that knot that can be used for special applications.

Code No. 008168, 70 pages, $9.00

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