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Machine Shop Methods by Lorus J. Milne

If you are just starting out in the world of metal working, you have to have this. If you know some aspects of machining metal, but realize that there are big holes in your knowledge, then, again, this is for you.

Chapters include:

You get brief descriptions of tools and how they work. If you have never used a taper attachment for a lathe, you will now have a general idea how it functions. The explanation is clearly written, easy to read and understand, and provides sufficient detail.

Most of this you will read once or twice. Once you have an idea of what the topic is all about, you can dig into morecomplex texts. When you do, you will find the "heavier" books are easier to understand.

There is one chapter that gives complete dimensioned plans for tools and fixtures. You can build a cleaner for chuck threads, faceplate clamp, faceplate angle bracket, draw-in collet attachment, spindle-nose cap, collet closer, collet, micrometer carriage stop, external-internal threading tool, heavy duty boring bar, heavy duty boring-tool holder, centring indicator, dividing fixture, lathe boring table, cross feed chuck and collett holder, spherical turning attachment, cutaway tailstock centre, drill-countersink holder, tailstock die holder, tailstock stover attachment, taper-shank drill driver, perforating die set, simple forming die set, drill-angle tester, fly cutter for the drill press, and auxiliary table for the drill press.

Code No. 008655, 376 pages, $46.00

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