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Patinas for Silicon Bronze by Patrick V. Kipper

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Now in its THIRD EDITION, Patinas for Silicon bronze is the award winning, comprehensive guide to the fascinating and secretive art known as patination.

This book was originally written to introduce the individual to the fascinating and secretive art of bronze coloration known as patination or patinas, to hopefully extend the palettes of fellow patineurs, to provide insight and appreciation for this most versatile of all the fine art forms, and to give guidelines to the novice art student who may be dabbling in bronze patinas.

This ancient art of metal enhancement by the use of color is found throughout most cultures of the world. Almost infinite in application techniques, patinas using rich deep tones have the ability to give the look of age, or antiquity, to a bronze sculpture. They're also capable of making the bronze surface appear as other mediums, such as marble, granite, wood, and leather.

Seventy-two hot application recipes and step-by-step instructions for patinas on silicon bronze are presented, along with corresponding color plates. Photographs of finished bronze sculpture are also shown, to give the reader a visual idea of how some of these patinas appear on three dimensional surfaces. A few examples of cold patina recipes are noted in order to give the reader a well-rounded exposure to both schools of patination. The history of patination is discussed as well as a comparison of bronze alloys, metal surface preparation, and tradition and contemporary application techniques. Patinas on a monumental scale and the problems associated with bronze exposed to the elements are also described at length.

"This book has become the Bible of Bronze Patinas for me and many others". Debbie Bakel---Master Patineur

Code No. 009069, 228 pages, ISBN 0964726904, $100.00

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