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Original John Deere Model A Tractors by Brian Rukes & Andrew Kraushaar, was $59.95, now discounted

No Longer Available

Restoring a John Deere tractor can be easy. Correctly restoring one, however, involves hours of research and painstaking attention to every detail. What wheels, lugs, and tires are appropriate for a particular serial number? Were the markings applied as decals or stencilled? Which is accurate for an early A: an open or closed fan shaft? Should the magneto be painted? The answers to these fundamental restoration questions and many more are answered in Original John Deere Model A.

This book outlines the evolution of the Model A and all its variations. From the simple unstyled row-crops to last of the stylized hi-crop, orchard, and industrial models, all the changes, updates, and alterations are detailed in user-friendly, chronological text. Serial number guides, beautiful modern and archival photographs, and exhaustive primary research describe, in detail, the correct wheel and body configurations, model variations, paint schemes, and markings for every Model A produced between 1934 and 1952.

Whether you are reviving a retired Deere to its former glory, or simply want to delve into the intricate model differences and similarities, Original John Deere Model A will satisfy your need "to make it green!"

Code No. 009256, ISBN 0760302189

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