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Fergusons: The Hunday Experience by John Moffitt & John Farnworth

John Moffit is one of the founding fathers of the vintage agricultural equipment movement in the UK. Besides a very busy life in farming, international cattle breeding, and work on government and other high level committees he devoted enormous energy and time to creating the Hunday Countryside Museum - which was the first significant agricultural equipment museum in the UK - and helping vintage tractor clubs and the like. Whilst this original collection was relocated to southern England in 1990, his enthusiasm for the hobby has not waned. In only nine years he has collected together what has come to be the world's largest collection of Ferguson equipment.

John's enthusiasm for the hobby has always included the interpretation of agricultural history and its effective presentation to the general public at all levels of interest in the subject. Although his Ferguson collection, which is housed in a large museum building, is essentially a private one, he does welcome visitors by prior arrangement. And this is occasionally on scale! In June 1999 the collection received what was in effect its first major public viewing. This was in the form of an open day and pageant featuring the history of mass produced small tractor development which was opened by Lord Henry Plumb, MEP. The event, the realisation of what his collection had come to include - and the numerous contacts he has made - spurred John on to prepare this book. It brings together in a quite unique style a great deal more information on, and interpretation of Ferguson history, which has evolved out of the creation and presentation of his collection.

In preparing the book John Moffit has linked up with John Farnworth who is well known internationally for his books on Massey and Ferguson history, and his many articles in the popular vintage equipment press. This has proved a sound choice of co-author as all John Farnworth's books have set new standards in the vintage equipment movement by bringing together so much concisely presented information. This book will be of interest to a wide audience from the general reader of agricultural mechanisation history through to dedicated Ferguson equipment collectors.

The book is highly illustrated and contains a wealth of information on Ferguson and his products. Through this, the book explores the many aspects of the vintage agricultural machinery collectors' movement.

Code No. 009481, 385 pages, ISBN 0953373754, $72.00

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