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"Uncle" Dave Gingery's Shop Note Book 1, Simple, useful & fun ideas

In this book you get not only projects and ideas, but Uncle Dave's machine shop philosophy and how he has applied it to his work. You'll see how he developed simple solutions to seemingly complex problems - solutions that can teach those of us who are still learning valuable lessons.

Uncle Dave will show us how to develop low-cost alternatives to expensive tools. For example Dave will tell you to forget about buying an expensive rotary table and that back brace you'll need to lift it. Here, you'll learn how to build a versatile miniature rotary table for very little money.

You'll learn to build a simple tool rest for sharpening and grinding tool bits, a sturdy work bench with spacious drawers, a rack for storing round rod and a hat full of tips and tricks from drilling and reaming to mounting odd shaped work and building valuable fixtures.

Uncle Dave is retired now, but he still maintains a small shop in the corner of the garage in which he has built several engines lately. He will show you some of the problems he encounted building this engines and how he overcame them.

As Uncle Dave says, "Never stop the learning process. You can know what others know, and you can do what they do. Problems that were impossible to solve a month ago are duck soup today. Don't be intimidated by any project, just dig in and amaze yourself. You'll be glad you did." "Uncle" Dave Gingery Shop Notebook is a great way to continue the learning process.

Code No. 009604, 59 pages, ISBN 1878087258, $11.00

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