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Anvils in America by Richard Postman

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Hailed as the definitive resource and standard reference book for blacksmiths, anvil collectors, and anyone interested in historical tools, Richard Postman's Anvils in America is the culmination of 15 years of meticulous research. In 1982, while preparing his teaching materials for a new Industrial Education class on hot metals and hand forging at Andrews University, Michigan, Mr. Postman discovered that there was little or no published materials on the subject of anvils. Finding it difficult to believe that no one had previously chronicled an implement so historically important and integral to the Iron Age became the impetus behind the creation of Anvils in America.

Mr. Postman's thorough research has corrected much of the misinformation previously found in the limited published resources available.

More than a reference book, Anvils in America is a delightful chronicle of manufacturers, tools and people integral to the development of the country.

"The assist you provide to the anvil collector and farrier is surpassed only by the contribution made to the field of the history of technology", David Shayt, Museum Specialist.

"An absolutely thorough and professional work", Bill Bartholomew, Anvil Enthusiast.

"It would be easy to pass this book off as simply a valuable reference book, but the myriad number of historical details, colourful stories and characters make this a book you want to pick up and read from cover to cover.", Tim McCarty, Editor, Anvils Ring.


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Code No. 009913, 551 pages, ISBN 0966325605, $115.00

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