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Alle Traktoren Von LANZ Typen und Daten (German Text)

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German Text

Excellent book listing details on just about every Lanz tractor and variants.

Also includes the Alldog

Starts off with steam power, and early multi-cylinder tractors, and then catalogue all the single cylinder tractors: HL; HR1; HR2; HR4; HR5; HR6; HN1; D7500 through to D7531; D8500 through to D8539; D9500 to D9539; D2531; D2539; D1506 to D1581; gas producer models; Crawler models; D7506; D9506; D2531; D2539; D8506; D5506; D3506; D7506; D7508; D1506; D7532; D8532; D9532; D1706; D2206; D2806; D2803; D2802; D2804; D2807; D2813; D3606; D2806; D1906; D2216; D3206; D5006; D6007; D6016; D1616; D2016; D2416; D2402; D2816; and many more

Each tractor has a clear illustration and details of models, years, engine, power and engine speed, gears, speed, weight, dimensions, and other details.

You can get the above information out of the book with out any knowledge of German language, and you would get a fair bit more if you new a word or two of German

Code No. 010552, 600 pages, ISBN 3926071265, $125.00

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