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Making Pistons for Experimental and Restoration Engines by S. Chastain

No Longer Available

From the back cover of the book:

Bring even the most "impossible" old engines back to life for little cost!

You are no longer limited by the price and availability of replacement pistons and rings when you can make your own. Design and make pistons for new or old engines. Use inexpensive modern piston rings on your antique equipment! Learn to make all the tools and jigs needed to quickly produce top quality replacements in your own back yard and home shop. Heavily illustrated. A "must have" for antique equipment restorers! Making Pistons for Experimental and Restoration engines is book 5 of Chastain's popular "Small Foundry Series". Sold in over 30 countries, they are good for both the beginner and experienced metal worker.

You will learn:

This is not fluff. You get many details, warnings, problems and solutions from someone who has made pistons from scratch. You'll see the set he created to rebuild a 1930 Dodge engine. And he'll walk you through the whole process, from measuring the bore in the block to removing .002" to make the pistons the necessary egg shape to compensate for deflection at the pin bosses.

You'll see how to build the core box that will create the cavity for the wrist pin, the patterns and necessary gating to get a good pour. He'll even show you the results of pouring at too high a temperature.

You'll get details on the tools needed to hold the piston for machining including the somewhat special tools he used for boring and cutting the ring grooves.

If you build engines from scratch, or have a rare old engine you want to restore, this is a book you ought to have on your reference shelf. Same top rate quality as Steve's other books.

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Code No. 010752, ISBN 0970220340

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