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A Wind Turbine Recipe Book "The axial flux windmill plans" Oct. 2008 Metric Edition by Hugh Piggott (new Edition of How to build a Wind Turbine Axial Flux Alternator Windmill Plans)

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The term `axial flux' refers to a type of alternator where the magnets are mounted on disks and the flux between them is parallel to the axis of the shaft. This is unlike conventional alternators whose flux is radial across the air gap. The brakedrum alternator is a radial flux type.

In recent years the author has been developing construction techniques for axial flux alternators. In 2001, he made a construction manual available for free down load from his website. Since then he has taught a lot of courses and his ideas have moved forward. He has made the process simpler and he has made the alternator much more powerful by using neodymium magnets. He has standardised on an eight foot diameter (2.4 metre) machine with about 500 watt output.

There are two slightly different versions of the design - one using inches and one using metric measurements. Both are described in full detail in the plans. At the end of the document there are also plans for a smaller alternator for use with a 4 foot diameter rotor (blades).

This book has now superseded Hugh Piggott's older book Brakedrum Windmill Plans although the latter will still be of interest to some readers. The new plans are easier to build and involves less hunting around for parts. The brakedrum idea had a lot going for it, but it's not the way I would do it now (ten years on).

The plans describe how to build two machines. Both have axial flux alternators and 3-bladed wind rotors. The large one has an eight foot diameter rotor and 500 watt output. The smaller one is half the diameter and one quarter of the output, and it only uses a single magnet disk.


I have bought a copy of your axial flux design handbook and its a very interesting and educational book to read on how to build a wind power. I read it for a hundred times already learning on how the system works especially the mechanical side of the furling system and up to the electrical. Wow, its so nice of you to write something that detailed more especially on the construction of the blades.
Going on the work from the construction of the blade I was really impressed on how the blade look like after I've finish one. The aerodynamic design was so fantastic.
Best Regards,
Gene Antiquena

"I like the plans and the info, I really feel like I understand everything in it....
What I really liked was the way the "Little Pancake" machine was thrown in at the end. With just a couple of pages we have a complete construction plan, once we know the principals. Reminds me of house plans, all you need is some drawings, notes, a good material list and someone to ask questions when you get stuck."
Ron Dinishak


Code No. 011183, 56 pages, $30.00

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