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A Lincolnshire Lad Looks Back Nocton Estate - The Home of Smiths Crisps by Len Woodhead

By Len Woodhead

Len Woodhead worked on the Nocton Estate, south of Lincoln, for 45 years, starting as a farm hand as soon as he left school in 1952. Here he tells his story; a story which documents not only village life in Nocton but also the vast changes in agriculture which have taken place during his memory; the earlier history of the area, and of the author's family's own part in that history.

Nocton Estate lies in the heart of Lincolnshire's prime potato growing land, and it was for that reason that Frank Smith, the founder of Smith's Crisps, bought the estate in 1936. The 8,000 acre farm was equipped with a light railway system which covered the whole area and was used to move produce around the estate.

During Len's lifetime, horses, steam engines and the light railway system were gradually replaced by tractors, lorries, and ever-more sophisticated farm machinery.

This fascinating book is lavishly illustrated with archive photographs and memorabilia of a time that will be remembered with nostalgia by many, and Len's detailed and descriptive text adds a flavour all of its own to the story.

It will appeal to a wide readership, including anyone interested in the local history of the area, and those interested in the general history of agriculture.


Softback; 244mm x 168mm; 163 black/white & colour photographs

Code No. 011587, 89 pages, ISBN 0954022297, $30.00

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