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Heritage Farming in Australia & Australia's Pastoral Heritage DVD duel set

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The first half "Heritage Farming in Australia"

Incorporates 50 minutes of original 16mm movie footage, and a 10 minutes selection of photographs, to capture a remarkable image of agricultural methods in the 1930's.

The first 10 minutes portray the development of Australian agriculture with full commentary, providing the background for the movie footage. A contrast between horse and mechanised farming methods in the Riverina is depicted in the next 30 minutes of the video. The stages of construction of a 180 ton thatched hay stack is shown in the final 20 minutes. The remarkable workmanship that goes into building the stack, and the retention of quality in the hay even after 10 years is a tribute to the pioneers of early Australian agriculture

The Second half is "Australia's Pastoral Heritage"

"Australia's Pastoral Heritage" is drawn entirely from the original high quality 16mm movie footage of Ian Sloane.

The seasonal routines and daily life of a pastoral property, in the Riverina district of NSW, are depicted in detail, ranging from the arrival of lambs, to shearing (both blade and mechanical), dipping, classing, mustering, droving and selling of sheep. The many challenges of Merino sheep husbandry through devastating drought (1938), torrential floods (1939) and locust plagues provide memorable scenes for the viewer. These consecutive dates still hold the record for the driest and wettest years.

The Clydesdale horse and early mechanised equipment were the power sources for fodder conservation, water storage improvements and stock husbandry.

Ian Sloane also filmed the unique native fauna and flora of the natural environment of his property, as well as sheep dogs and stock horses. He also captured glimpses of the lifestyle of a pastoral family and district during the 1930's, as they spent leisure hours at picnics and sporting events.

For those interested in the wool industry, rural lifestyles and Australian history, this video is essential viewing.

The original silent movie is now accompanied by informative commentary throughout, with a soft folk music background

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