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Generators and Inverters by Steve Chastain

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This book should probably be called The Small Power Generation Bible If you have any questions about small power generation then this is the book for you! Whether you want to build it or buy it, this book has all the essential details for assembling a small power plant for full time or emergency use. See Steve convert a Ford Pinto engine into a reliable generator with a homemade propane carburetor and governor. Build an automatic or remote starter, so you don't have to go outside to get your power going in bad weather! Build an engine protection device that turns the generator off in case of low oil pressure or high temperature. Find out how to safely isolate the engine vibration so that you wont crack your concrete slab. Learn how to make your generator as quiet as your new car at idle!

Discover how to convert most of the engine's heat into hot water for heating your home or see how Steve uses it to heat his pool!

Learn about transfer switches, 2 pole and 4 pole alternators and how to properly size your generator for reliable operation.

Learn about different fuels such as gas, diesel, propane, bio diesel, used oil, even sewer gas! Know if your fuel tanks will float in case of a flood and how to calculate "Adequate Separation Distance" from buildings, trees and people.

Get all the important details on batteries and battery back up systems. You get essential information on lighting basics, and more! This book pushes the limit for the amount of information that you can cram into one book If you have ever thought about generators or had a question about small power plants then you will want this book!

Code No. 011926, 351 pages, ISBN 0970220359, $50.00

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