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Model Marine Steam by Stan Bray

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This book provides all the information any ship modeller interested in powering a model boat using live steam will need. It offers both the basic theory covering the steam power plant and fully detaileddrawings for the construction of simple and advanced steam engines, boilers andancillary equipment.

There has been a huge growth in interestin live steam-powered model boats in recent years but modellers have endureda dearth of practical construction drawings for suitable steam plants. Here, the author covers many types of engine from simple oscillating cylinder types topiston and poppet valve engines and the application of radio control to the management of the boiler and engine.

The projects (which all include detailedscale plans) include simple single cylinder oscillating engines, multiple cylinder oscillating engines, single and multiple cylindered slide valve engines, piston andpoppet valve engines, boiler construction and heat sources, control units, reversingsystems, radio control valves, and the mounting of engine and boiler units intomodel boats.

This new edition features:

Stan Bray is a model engineer, formerly editor of Model Engineers' Workshopmagazine and the author of many bookscovering subjects from clockmaking tomachine shop techniques.

297 x 210 mm (A4); 61 b+w photographs; 65 b+w illustrations; 12 pp modelling plans; Paperback

Code No. 012008, 144 pages, ISBN 9781854862457, $35.00

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