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Fowler of Leeds part 2 history DVD

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Fowlers of Leeds Pt. Two - The Twilight Years

Steam production at the Steam Plough Works of John Fowler and Company (Leeds) Ltd was part of everyday life until late into the 1930s. Development however had begun on the internal combustion engine around the turn of the century and by the 1920s Fowlers had realised that it was inevitable that this new power source would eventually replace steam. In order to survive, the Company set about experimenting and developing machinery that would see them through the transitional period from steam. In this programme, examples of Fowler steam ploughing engines, traction engines and road locomotives are seen as well as concentrating on these new developments. A 1920s motor cable ploughing engine is seen in addition to the well known Gyrotillers which were intended to be the saviours of the Company's fortunes. A rare Fowler motor road roller is also examined, along with a selection of stationary engines bearing the Company name. Crawler tractor development began in the mid 1930s and blossomed after the 2nd World War, although by this time John Fowler were no longer an independent Company. The Fowler `VF' Crawler appeared after the merger with Marshalls of Gainsborough, under the banner of Thos W. Ward Ltd. The influence of Marshalls is evident in the `VF' Crawler and these machines are studied along with examples from the Fowler Challenger range of Crawler tractors. No less than three railway locomotives, one narrow gauge and two standard gauge, are seen as examples built by the Railway Division of the Company following the demise of steam. Featuring narration by Dave Milton, this is probably the most comprehensive video available that concentrates solely on the era of production from John Fowler & Company (Leeds) Ltd, following the passing of steam.

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