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Telephone Projects for the Evil Genius by Tom Petruzzellis

About the Author

Tom Petruzzellis is an electronics engineer in the geophysical field equipment department at SUNY-Binghamton and the author of numerous McGraw-Hill bestsellers, including Electronic Sensors for the Evil Genius.

A collection of 40 fun phone projects for electronics hobbyists and telephone enthusiasts to build and customise

The telephone is one of the most ubiquitous items in the world today, and the need for add-ons, gadgets, phone tools, and peripherals is greater than ever. Telephone Projects for the Evil Genius contains 40 projects for both wire-connected phones and cell phones that save money, optimise time, and improve the quality of life. The book explains projects in a step-by-step manner, providing lists of parts, detailed schematics, charts, and tables to help ease the process.

Best-selling electronics author Tom Petruzzellis starts with a discussion of the history and background of the land-line telephone and the development of the cell phone, covering basic building techniques such as how to install components and how to solder. He then presents projects, ranging from simple to complex, that include a ringing phone light flasher; telephone amplifier; telephone ring controlled relay; touch tone generator; telephone auto-dialer; telephone intercom; phone voice changer; voice stress monitor; caller ID decoder project; and much more.

Brief Table of Contents

Code No. 013372, 416 pages, ISBN 9780071548441, $35.95

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