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Marshall Diesel Tractors 1930-1957 by Peter Anderson

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Peter Anderson's book, prepared with the help of the late Jeff Bloom, is aimed at owners, restorers and potential buyers of Marshall tractors. Peter deals with the following models: the 'Colonial'; Model E (15/30); 18/30; 12/20 and M; Field Marshall Mark 1 and Series 2, 3 and 3A; MP4 and MP6; the Track Marshall; the Fowler VF and VFA and the Gainsborough loading shovel. The book includes 280 photographs.

Peter gives a potted history of the development of each individual Series and Mark. Wherever possible he offers current or potential owners a Buyer's Guide for each model. This describes areas of likely wear and tear or specific checks to be made before purchase.

At the end of each chapter Peter gives a specification sheet with details of general dimensions, capacities, optional equipment, production numbers and areas of distribution. He completes the book with chapters on preventative maintenance and trouble-shooting. Restorers are well served by Peter's knowledgeable discussion of what might or might not be counted as authentic.

Peter shares with the late Jeff Bloom a deep-rooted enthusiasm for Marshall. He is author of Three Decades of Marshall Tractors and numerous articles about the company and its products.

Code No. 013377, 220 pages, ISBN 9781905523887, $62.00

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