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Granville Bradshaw a flawed genius? by Barry M. Jones

A remarkable picture of one of Britain's most prolific inventors. Granville Bradshaw was an engineer and inventor of extraordinary vision. His designs for early aeroplanes and engines (The Dragonfly), pioneering cars and motorcycles (ABC) quickly brought him fame. His gambling machines made him a fortune which he then managed to lose in a shares swindle! His life spanned the entire development of aviation and motor industries from the very early days right up until the classic era of the '50s. This is a really detailed and absorbing book full of insight and careful research which places Bradshaw's engineering genius into the context of his time.

Engineers and scientists interested in the history of engineering, specialists and enthusiasts concerned with the history of aviation, cars and motorcycles from 1900 to 1960 but especially the early years. Industrial archaeologists, wartime transport enthusiasts, vintage car and motorcycle enthusiasts, and those with a passion for early aero engines will all find a wealth of information in these pages.

Code No. 013563, 282 pages, ISBN 9780955659546, $72.50

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