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Inventors & Imposters How History Forgot the True Heroes of Invention and Discovery by Daniel Diehl and Mark P. Donnelly

No Longer Available

Who discovered America? Who invented the lightbulb? Who unravelled the secret of DNA? If you thought the answers to these questions were Christopher Columbus, Thomas Edison and Crick Watson, you may want to think again...Crossing time and continents, this page-turning book considers the case for other equally heroic, but largely forgotten, pioneers. Looking beyond popular perception and the accepted version of events, Who Really Invented the Lightbulb? uncovers long-lost dreams, dramas and dilemmas, exploring why particular individuals 'won the prize' while others were consigned to the shadows of history. The authors of the book are full-time cultural historian Daniel Diehl and lecturer Mark P Donnelly, who together have scripted over 80 hours of television documentary and written 11 books including Eat Thy Neighbour and Tales from the Tower of London.

Code No. 013752, ISBN 9781905879076

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