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Locomotive Design by Geo. L. Fowler & Carl J. Mellin & Railway Repair Shop Practice by Franklin D. Jones (1910/1912)

Reprinted by Lindsay Publications

Here you get four booklets published from 1910 to 1912 revealing the details of how steam locomotives were designed. A fifth booklet covers "Railway Repair Shop Practice". So once the cross head on your 4-4-0 finally wears out, you'll know how to drag it into the back bedroom and rebabbitt it. And you get all five publications in one cover for one very reasonable price.

Part I covers the boiler, cylinders, throttle valve, piston and piston rods.Part II explores valve motion: theory, calculation, design and details of the Walschaerts motion. Part III will teach you the details of the smoke box and exhaust pipe, frame, crosshead and guide bar, connect and side rod, crank-pins and axles, and the driving wheels and their counterbalancing. Part IV covers spring rigging and equalizers, the trucks, cab and its fittings and accessories, and the tender. These four sections are well illustrated with drawings, diagrams, charts, and formulas.

The fifth section concerns maintenance of locomotives. Learn about dismantling the locomotive, boring and re-lining the cylinders, work on the valves and valve seats, operations on the piston and rod, driving wheels and crankpins, driving box repairs, pedestal shoes and guides, rod work, throttle valve grinding, miscellaneous repairs, and assembling the locomotive. And all this is well illustrated with photographs.

These are reprints articles taken from earlier issues of Machinery magazine, and as such deliver top quality info, straight to the point. If steam power, railroad locomotives, or history of technology is your thing, get a copy.

Code No. 013801, 226 pages, $26.00

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