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Build Your Own Electric Bicycle by Matthew Slinn


Build Your Own Electric Bicycle shows hobbyists how to build an electric bicycle, covering everything from choosing a kit to building a bike entirely from scratch. With plenty of illustrations and testimonials from other "EB" enthusiasts, this how-to guide includes 28 easy-to-follow projects that range from inexpensive to more pricey, from simple to sophisticated, and from as essential as creating a battery charger to as aesthetic as heating the handle bars.

Electric vehicles of all kinds are enjoying increased interest these days because of the rising cost of petroleum, increased concern about the environment, more traffic congestion, and the "weekend warrior" bug that seems to be biting even the most hesitant of hobbyists. Whether the reader is looking to make an environmental statement or just needs an easier parking option, this book offers plenty of options and design inspirations.

Key Features


Bike and electric vehicle enthusiasts; young drivers who can't afford car and/or insurance costs; environmentalists (including those interested in fuel cells, solar energy, and alternative energy/green issues); weekend warriors.

Author Biography

Matthew Slinn (Birmingham, UK) is an experienced research scientist and process engineer. His specialist skills include electric vehicle building and expertise in fuel cell and battery systems. Matthew was a senior chemist at Green Biodiesel.

Code No. 014789, 258 pages, ISBN 9780071606219, $47.95

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