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Alternative Energy Secrets Learn how to make your own free diesel or heating oil plus tips on engine swaps and off grid power generation by Stephen D. Chastain

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Extensive "how to" information regarding waste oils and their inexpensive conversion to useful fuels.

Describes oil cracking, blending, filtering, testing and use and construction of centrifuges to clean waste oils and make them suitable for use as home heating oils or diesel. See construction of waste oil burners for heat, boiler operation or disposal of centrifuge sludge.

Learn proper collection methods and why a gear pump is the least desirable method of collection. Includes plans for a super fast oil collection trailer that won't make an emulsion out of the oil and water like a gear pump collector does.

Chapters include:

  1. Basic Chemistry
  2. Refinery Products and Operations
  3. Diesel Engines
  4. Practical Alternative Fuel Technology
  5. Running On Waste Oil
  6. Installing a Diesel Engine In a Car
  7. Off Grid Power Generation.

Practical "How To" that solves many quirky problems from a guy that's done it! Very unusual material. A must have for alternative energy users.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 75 drawings, 37 BW photographs

Code No. 015009, 192 pages, ISBN 9780970220363, $35.00

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