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Wabco Australia Letourneau, Letourneau-Westinghouse and Wabco - The Australian Story by Philip G. Gowenlock

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WABCO AUSTRALIA is a detailed history of the Australian operations of LeTourneau (Aust.) Pty. Ltd, LeTourneau-Westinghouse Pty. Ltd and Wabco Australia Pty. Ltd from 1941 to 1982. It is the first book about the history and development of LeTourneau-Westinghouse and WABCO earthmoving equipment to be published. It specifically covers the history of LeTourneau, LeTourneau-Westinghouse and Wabco's extensive manufacturing and distribution operations in Australia which spanned some 43 years commencing in 1941 until 1984. In addition to LeTourneau equipment manufactured from 1941 to 1953, this book covers in great detail, LeTourneau-Westinghouse and Wabco equipment from 1953 to 1984. The development of each machine type is covered along with detailed and extensive equipment manufacturing records, serial numbers and production tables, illustrated by some 358 photographs.

Code No. 017103, 307 pages, ISBN 0958560811, $70.00

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Earthmoving & Construction  
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