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Transporting Wind Turbines in Europe DVD

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Harnessing the power of wind is one of the best ways to meet our growing need for energy at a time when fossil fuels are in short supply.

As the turbines get increasingly bigger and heavier, with higher towers and larger blades, transporting them from the manufacturers to the farms is an increasingly difficult job as narrow, bendy roads with height restrictions on them are often unavoidable. To counter these everyday challenges, smarter transport solutions are required and Nooteboom Trailers in Wijchen, in the Netherlands are the leading solution developers.

We look here at their Mega Windmill Transporter, put to work by the AltéAd company, transporting two nacelles in the South of France where bureaucracy is the biggest problem. We then see the Portuguese company LASO transporting 63 metre blades, 170km through Sierra Nevada to the port of Motril in Spain, in 35°C heat. Next up is the Tele PX Super Wing Carrier, shown transporting blades in Denmark for the German company AM Kran Wind.

Also featured is the arrival of blades split into 2 parts at Noordoostpolder, the largest wind park in the Netherlands; the assembly and installation of a complete turbine in Germany and finally we look at the machines coming and going from the port of Grimsby in England and follow the work of Scottish company McFadyens, who handle the transportation for the nearby Vestas factory.

Showing the latest turbine and transportation technology, Transporting Wind Turbines in Europe is a must-have for heavy haulage and engineering enthusiasts.

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