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Rivet Lad Lusty Tales of Boiler Making in the Lancashire Mill Towns of the 1960s by Alan McEwen

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Retired Master Boilermaker, Alan McEwen’s new book:

RIVET LAD – Lusty Tales of Boiler Making in the Lancashire Mill Towns of the 1960s.

Published by Sledgehammer Engineering Press Ltd in hard back on high quality paper, 183 A4 pages with 145 monochrome photographs.

RIVET LAD consists of 13 chapters:

Alan’s book, written in his own inimitable style takes the reader back to the exciting days of the 1960s when he was the youngest member of Carrot Crampthorn’s Squad of Boiler Makers working on heavy structural repairs on Lancashire and Cornish Boilers, a Cochran Vertical Boiler, a Stationary Locomotive Boiler, a huge steam Accumulator converted from a Lancashire Boiler and much more.

The book’s larger-than-life characters, the hard as nails, ale-supping, chain-smoking Boiler Makers: Carrot Crampthorn, Reuben Ramsbottom, Teddy Tulip, Paddy O’Boyle, and not least Alan himself are, to a man, throw-backs to times gone by when British industry was the envy of the world.

Code No. 017455, 183 pages, ISBN 9780953272549, $85.00

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