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Lanz L, N, P & S governor settings

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For Lanz Bulldog tractor books, refer to the Lanz section of our catalogue.

Image of governor from Lanz instruction book

Cross Section of Governor

  1. Lock Nut
  2. Adjusting Nut
  3. Lock Nut
  4. Adjusting bolt for 850 rpm, 540 rpm, 630 rpm, 750 rpm respectively
  5. Governor spring for 850 rpm, 540 rpm, 630 rpm, 750 rpm respectively
  6. Flyweight
  7. Adjusting bolt for 350 rpm
  8. Lock nut
  9. Governor spring for 350 rpm
  10. Governor housing
  11. Inner (fast) eccentric
  12. Outer (loose) eccentric
  1. Dead play before action of governor

These instructions was created using notes taken from a discussion with Eric Bolwell.
It is intended as a guide only. Care should be taken when adjusting the governor. No Warrenty is given on these instructions.

To Set the Governor for S model

  • Screw bolt number 4 until tight, then another 6 turns (so that it will push the spring open). For light work you may only want to try 3 turns instead of 6 turns.
  • Gap "a" should be about 2 mm clearance. This can be checked by opening the weights up. There should be no clearance at "a" and 14 mm gap between the weight and flywheel hub.
  • Bolt number 7 should be done up until tight then another 3 turns.

Note: for the "S" model (D1506) at idle the injector pump stoke should be 2 mm, and at maximum RPM it should be 14 mm. Other models have different injector pump settings.
Also note, that if the governor is altered, the lubricating oil pump settings should also be checked. The amount of lubricating oil used changes with engine speed. There are marks on the oilpump shaft that can be checked.

Important: if the throttle is moved past the idle mark and the engines tends to race, then bolt number 4 needs to be adjusted, lock nuts 1 and 2 should be moved in (or out) a quarter of a turn until the engines no longer races.

Table of governor adjustments taken from Nr. 53 Juli '92 issue of Der Pionier magazine

Image of governor from Der Pionier magazine
  1. Gegenmutter
  2. Einstellmutter
  3. Gegenmutter
  4. Einstellschraube fur Vollast-Drehzahl
  5. Reglerfeder fur Vollast-Drehzahl
  6. Reglergewichte
  7. Einstellschraube fur Leerlauf-Drehzahl
  8. Gegenmutter
  9. Reglerfeder fur Leerlauf-Drehzahl
  10. Reglertrommel
  11. Festes Excenter
  12. Loses Excenter
  1. Spielraum fur toten Gang an Vollast-Reglerfeder
  2. Einstellzwischenraum an Vollastreglerfeder
  3. Einstellzwischenraum an Leerlaufreglerfeder
Tractor TypeD5506D3506D7506D8506D9506D1506
Leistung in PS162025354555
Leerlauf Umdrehungen / Min.450350350350350350
Vollast Umdrehungen / Min.950760850540630750
Leerlauffeder Windungs abstand "c" in mm0.750.750.750.750.60.6-0.8
Lastlauffeder Windungs abstand "b" in mm1.0-1.21.2-1.52.1-2.20.8-0.91.1-1.32.2-2.4
Lastlauffeder Abstand "a" in mm1.31.31.2-1.51.5-1.81.5-1.9

Sorry, the instructions that goes with the above table is written in German. If anyone can supply an English version I will add it to this page.

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