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Old Stationary Engines by David Edgington

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This book describes the evolution of the first practical stationary engine and illustrates some of the many designs, with notes on their important features and information on the better-known manufacturers. There are many different forms of stationary engines and emphasis has been placed on engines that the reader is most likely to come across. There are small-power engines, large engines, common and rare engines - something to appeal to everyone.

Although there are many good books describing the development and progress of early gas, oil and diesel engines, most were written for the technical man and consequently are difficult for the uninitiated to understand. But this book is designed for the newcomer who wishes to learn more about old stationary engines and the reasons why people collect them. It will also be of interest to the longer-term enthusiast because of the large collection of captioned photographs, which will be useful for reference.

The author, David Edgington has been interested in engines as far back as he can remember, having being born near the Birmingham factory of the gas-engine makers Kynoch. After moving to Wiltshire, he followed a career in the motor trade, becoming closely involved with Alfa Romeo cars. One day he bought an old Lister D type engine for a couple of pounds, then another engine, and gradually a collection was formed. While engines were readily available, information about them was scarce and there was no way to locate other like-minded enthusiasts. Therefore, in 1974, with his wife Doreen, David launched Stationary Engine, a magazine for collectors and enthusiasts. He remained editor until 1990. He still contributes articles to the magazine and has also written booklets on Lister, Petter and Amanco Engines. He now has only a few engines and divides his time between Alfa Romeo parts business and the study of stationary engines, as well as assisting newcomers who wish to take up the hobby

Code No. 001038, 48 pages, ISBN 0747805946, $17.00

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