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Generator Secrets, Autopower Generator Conversion & Modification by S.W. Duncan

Written by S. W. Duncan

This was originally entitled "Autopower", but this book has now been reprinted with the title "Generator Secrets" instead.

Here you get the secrets the old boys knew in the 1930's about taking a generator and converting it into a 110 volt AC alternator that could power their farm or home. It's all nuts-and-bolts how-to. Great stuff.

The specific examples in the beginning chapters give detailed instructions for rewinding a Ford Model A, Model T, and Dodge Type G generators. Later chapters talk about the general principles that can be applied to almost any generator. That's where the real value of this small book lies.

Chapters include: changing Ford Model A generator to 110 volt alternator, constant voltage at variable speed, converting Dodge generator to a 110 volt 500 watt self-excited AC generator, changing T model to 110 VAC generator, making field and armature coils, change Delco generator to 110 volt AC, the winding of automobile armatures, characteristics of DC generators, suggestions on mechanical construction of generators, figuring a new winding for an old frame, a farm light plant to 110 volt AC, and glossary of definitions.

You learn how to build a simple coil winder, a reactor for welding, a magnetizer for magneto magnets, winding bobbins, a growler, and more.

This book is not applicable to modern automobile alternators. You must start with an old generator and go from there. Obviously, you won't use a Ford Model A or T or even an early Dodge. You'll use what you can find. And generators are still available... at scrap yards on old vehicles, even on eBay... at very reasonable cost.

Code No. 001764, 56 pages, $12.00

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