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Ten Acres Enough

Ten Acres Enough was written by Edmund Morris in 1864, and this book includes an unabridged reprint of this classic, and also included is The Small Farm Dream is Possible by Ralph C. Miller and Lynn R. Miller.

Ten Acres Enough is subtitled A Practical Experience, showing How a Very Small Farm May be Made to Keep a Very Large Family with Extensive and Profitable Experience in the Cultivation of the Smaller Fruits.

The book is an excellent and detailed account of the experiences of the author in developing a viable fruit, berry and vegetable farm on 10 acres (plus one for the house and barn). With 10 productive acres, 6 acres of inter-planted fruit trees and berries, along with another 4 acres of mixed pasture, vegetables, blackberries, sweet corn, and livestock that includes, a cow, pigs, and poultry, the author explains his wisdom in getting the most value out of every corner of the farm.

The second part of this book is The Small Farm Dream is Possible. This is a modern day addition to the book of over 60 pages, that puts the original 1864 book into perspective. It analyses the suggestions and techniques discussed by the original author and makes suggestions on how relevant they are now.

For example the use of manure as a fertiliser was wide spread especially if your farm was close enough to the city to make use of the large amount of manure produced by "city horses" which in pre-automobile days outnumbered horses in the country.

There is also a good section that translated the 1864 economics into current day values, which gives an indication of how viable such an operation would be with current prices.

This is an excellent book with lots of great hints and tips.

Code No. 001858, 266 pages, ISBN 1885210035, $50.00

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