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Secrets of Lead-Acid Batteries

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This book was originally written and published in 1979 when so many people were still actively exploring alternative energy systems. Dreamers fantasise about the newest hi-tech batteries and that incredible energy generation system they're going to build so they can disconnect from the grid. People with their feet on the ground realize that the common lead-acid cell represents the cheapest, quickest way to getting the job done. Life is about getting results. And lead-acid is one great success story because it gets results. Here you learn the ins and outs of using these old workhorses.

What you get is a distillation of more complex industrial texts. This has been "translated" for the experimenter with limited technical background so that it is easy to read and understand.

You learn about battery chemistry and why these things work at all. You learn what specific gravity is and how it's used to measure charge. You learn how very high and low temperatures affect performance, about the different ways to charge batteries, about gassing problems, cell equalization and more.

You learn how to connect batteries in various configurations to get a large energy storage device. You learn about so-called "secret rejuvenators" sold to suckers, and about a simple treatment that will sometimes restore part of a old battery's performance. You get sample calculations, techniques the pro's use, problems to watch, and more.

This book is written for people who want to use lead-acid cells for purposes other than starting their cars. And this is the absolutely essential knowledge you must have if you are to make your station battery work properly. But it will also help anyone who regularly deals with auto batteries. It's amazing how common lead-acid batteries are, and how little anyone knows about them. You can be different. Customers have spoken highly about this jam-packed publication over the years.

Code No. 002364, 44 pages, $8.50

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