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The 'Quorn': Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder

This book is split into two parts, the first is the instructions for making the Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder, and the second is for using the Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder. The 'Quorn' is built from castings that are available from "Model Engineering Services" (the details are provided in the book). Even if you are not making the 'Quorn' and you just want to use, this book is still a good buy with 6 chapters on using the 'Quorn'.


Part 1 Making the Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder

  1. Introduction
  2. The Base Assembly. Horizontal and vertical bars. Machining the base castings. Grooving the vertical column. Micrometer screw and dust seals. Tool rest
  3. The Wheelhead Assembly. Machining the castings. Adjusting and pivot screws. Indexing.
  4. The Workhead Assembly. Machining the casting. 'T' slotting the rotating base. Engraving the degree scales.
  5. The Tool Holder, Arbors, Mandrels and Collets. Machining the castings. Index ring and stop pin. Machining a square hole. General and special purpose mandrels.
  6. The Spiralling and Long Bed Attachments. Spring chucks. Guide hobs and cams. Tailstock and half centres. Saw holder.
  7. The Spindle and Driving Motor. Pre-loaded angular contact ball bearings. The spring box. Labyrinth seals. End and foot mounted motors. Pulleys and driving belts. Belt and pulley guards. Wiring and switching.
  8. Ball Handles, Painting and Assembly. Methods of locking. Ball handles, headed bolts and distance washers. Rubbing down, bringing forward, stopping and painting.
  9. Final Assembly. Alignment check. Transfer of fiducial marks. Order of assembly

Part 2 Using the Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder

  1. Selection, Mounting and Dressing Grinding Wheels. Grit grade and hardness. Shapes and sizes. Diamond dressing disc, saucer and cup wheels. Angle and radius dressing.
  2. Grinding Lathe and Planer Tools. Use of tool holder. Aligning the tool. Simple clearance and rake angles. Screw cutting tools. Form and radius tools with simple and compound angles.
  3. Setting Clearance Angles. Use of tooth rest. Tables of off-set for disc and cup wheels. Right and left handed spiral cutters.
  4. Grinding End, Slot, Face and Side Mills. Primary and secondary clearance angles. Right and left hand helical angles. Ball nose and corner radius grinding.
  5. Miscellaneous and Special Purpose Cutters. Use of a guide hob for very small cutters. Circular saws and form cutters. Reamers, taps, dies and twist drills. Centre drills and saw blades. Tapered helical cutters.
  6. Other Uses of the Wheelhead. Internal and external cylindrical grinding. Surface grinding. Light milling, drilling and engraving.

Code No. 002759, 128 pages, ISBN 0905100913, $46.00

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