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Practical Lessons in Metal Turning & Screwcutting by Percival Marshall

This is a reprint of a very popular lathe operation book. First published in 1920, and reprinted many times since. There was over 100,000 copies sold within the first few years of its publication. The author holds a unique place in the history of model engineering and this book is as useful today as when it was first published.

The lathe is such an important tool in the metal-working arts, and is made in so many different sizes and patterns, that a volume many times larger than this would be needed to deal fully with its design, construction and use.

This book is mainly intended as a guide to the methods of using lathes of the kind usually found in the workshops of general engineers, instrument makers, model makers and amateurs. Although aimed at the small lathe, many of the principles of small lathe work apply equally well to tools and work of any size.


  1. The Lathe and its Parts
  2. Tools and Tool Holders
  3. Measuring Appliances
  4. Chucks and Mandrels
  5. How to Centre Work for the Lathe
  6. Driving Work Between Centres
  7. Turning Work Between Centres
  8. Speeds, Feeds and Lubrications
  9. Chuck and Face Plate Work
  10. Drilling and Boring in the Lathe
  11. Screw Cutting

Code No. 003352, 178 pages, ISBN 090510076X, $35.00

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