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I&T Collector's Series Farm Tractors, 1916-1925

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I&T Collector's Series Farm Tractors 1916-1925 This is a book produced by Intertec Publishing and is a companion to the popular I&T Collector's Series Farm Tractors 1926-1956.

The book is derived from early Implement and Tractor magazines and contains hundreds of pictures and illustrations of the early American tractors.

Each illustration contains several paragraphs of text that give all the available specifications of the tractor.

This book is a must for anyone interested in early tractor development as it descibes many of the more unusual designs of the period before the tractor took on the familiar layout and shape that we know today.

Makes included are:

Acme Harvesting; Adams Co; Advance Rumely; Agrimotor; Albaugh Dover; Albert Lea Tractor; S.L. Allen; Allis Chalmers; American Farm Machinery; American Swiss Magneto; American Tractor Co.; American Tractor Corp Andrews Tractor Co; Appleton Manufacturing; Aro Tractors; Atlantic Machine; Aulson Tractor; Aultman & Taylor; FC Austin; Austin Drainage Excavator; Austin Manufacturingl; Automotive Corp; Avery; BF Avery; Backus Tractor; Bailor Plow; Bates; Bean Spray Pump; Bear Tractor; Beeman Garden Tractors; Robert Bell Engine & Thresher; Beltrail Tractor; CL Best; Bethlehem Motor Works; Blewett Tractor; Blumberg Moto Manufacturing; J.G. Bolte; Boring; Brillion Iron Works; Buckeye; Bull Dog Tractor; Bull Tractor Co.; Bullock Tractor Co; JI Case; Chase Motor Truck Co; Caterpillar; Central Tractor; Challenge Tractor; Champion Tractor; Chase Motor Truck; Chase Tractors; Clark Tructractor; Cleveland Horseless Farm Machines; Cleveland tractor; C.O.D. Tractors; Colman Tractor; Columbus Tractor; Common Sense Tractor Co; Commonwealth Tractor; Corn Belt Tractor; Craig Tractor; Dart Truck & Tractor; Dauch Manufacturing; Dayton Dick; Dayton Dowd; Deere & Co; Denning Tractor; Depue Bros; Dill Tractors; Dixieland Motor Truck; Eagle Manufacturing; Electric Wheel; Elgin Tractor; G.W. Elliott; Emerson-Brantingham; The Essex Tractor; Evans Manufacturing; Fageol Motors; Fairbanks Morse; Fairmont Gas Engine and Railway Motor Car Co; Farm Engineering Co; Farm Horse Tractor Works; Farmers Tractors Corp; AB Farquhar; Federal Foundry; Henry Ford & Son; Four Drive Tractor; Fox River; Franklin Tractor; Frick; Gehl Bros; General Motors Truck; General Ordance; General Tractors; Gile Tractor; Gilson Manufacturing; Golden Gate Gas Tractor; Goold, Shapley & Muir; Grain Belt Manufacturing; The Grain Belt Tractor; Gray Tractor Manufacturing; Great Western Motors; HL Hurst; Hackney Manufacturing; Happy Farmer Tractor; Hart-Parr; Herbert; Hession Tiller & Tractor; Hicks-Parrett; Hoke Tractor; Holt; Hollis; Holt; Hoosier Wheel; Huber; Hume; Illinois Silo & Tractor; Imperial Machinery; Independent Harvester; Indiana Silo; International Gas Engine; (Ingeco); International Harvester; Interstate Engine & Tractor; JT Tractor; Joliet Oil Tractor; KC Hay Press; Kansas City Hay Press; Kardell Tractor & Truck; Keck Gonnerman; Keystone Iron & Steel; Killen-Strait; Kinkead Tractor; Kinnard & Sons; Knickerbocker Motors; William Knudsen; Kroyer Motors; LA Auto Tractor; La Crosse Tractor; Homer Laughin Engineering; John Lauson; Leader Tractor; Lenox Motor; Leonard Tractor; Liberty Tractor; The Line Drive Tractor; Linn Tractor; Little Giant; Lion Tractor; Locomotive Finished Material; Lombard Auto Tractor-Truck; London Motor Plow; Lyons Atlas; MBM Manufacturing; Magnet Tractor; Massey Harris; Master Tractor; Maxim Corp; Mayer Bros; McIntyre; McFarland & Westmont Tractor; McIntyre Manufacturing; Mead morrison Manufacturing; Midwest Engine; Minneapolis Steel & Machinery (Twin City); Minneapolis Threshing Machine; Minnesota Nilson Corp; Minnesota Tractor; Moline Plow; Monarch Tractor; Montana Tractor; Moon Tractor; Motor Macultivator; National Pully & Manufacturing; National Tractor; New Age Tractor; New Britain Machine; Nichols & Shepard; Nilson Farm Machine; Ohio Manufacturing; Ohio Tractor; Oldsmar Tractor; Olin Gas Engine; Oliver Tractor; Once-Over Tiller Corp; Pacific Power Implement; Pan Motor; Parrett Tractor; Peoria Tractor; Phoenix; Pioneer Tractor; Plano Tractor; Plantation Equipment; Plowman Tractor; Pope Manufacturing; Port Huron; Post Tractor; Post Whitney; Power Truck & Tractor; Puritan Machine; R. & P. Tractor; Reed Foundry; Reliable Tractor; Rock Island; Royer Tractor; Russell; Samson Iron Works; Samson Sieve Grip; Samson Tractorl Sawyer Massey; Sexton Tractor; Shelby Tractor; Short Turn Tractor; Simplex Tractor; Southern Corn Belt Tractor; Southern Motor Manufacturing; Square Turn Tractor; Standard Detroit Tractor; Standard Tractor; Stearns Motor; Stinson; Strite Tractor; Stroud Motor; Sulivan Tractor; Superior Tractor; Sweeney Tractor; Tillermobile; Tioga Manufacuring; Tom Thumb Tractor; Topp Stewart; Toro; Townsend; Traction Engine Co.; Taylor Engineering; Trenam Tractor; Triumph Truck & Tractor; Turner Manuafacturing; US Tractor & Machinery; United Tractor; Utilitor; Vail-Rentschler; Velie Motors; Victory Tractor; VIM Tractor; Waite Tractor; Wallis Tractor; Waterloo Gasoline Engine; Western Tractor; HA Wetmore; Wharton Motors; Wheat Tractor & Tiller; Whitney; Wichita; Willmar Tractor; Wilson; Winslow; Wisconsin Farm Tractor; Yuba; Zellie

8.5 x 11 inches, hardcover.

Code No. 003679, 432 pages, ISBN 9780872884809, $69.00

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