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1001 Formulas (1920)

Subtitled The Laboratory Handbook for the Experimenter. Back in 1920 people were hot to set up their own laboratories and invent something and become rich. Experimenter Publishing Company published books and magazines to whet their appetite. They printed the best information from the magazines in this book.

Here you get formulas on cements and glues, compositions of all kinds, glass and glass working, inks, leather polishes, metal-craft, perfumes, soaps, photography, blue-print and other papers, plating, pyrotechny, polishes and stains, varnishes and paints, cleaning compounds, wood-craft, chemical lab hints, mechanical lab hints, electrical lab hints, miscellaneous formulas and an appendix.

Not everything here is useful, some of it has become quite dated, but there are still plenty of interesting things like formulas for solders, lithographic ink, how to make a gasoline torch, recipes for killing flies, proper use of sulphuric acid, hand grenades?, flashlights powder (as in the old photographers type powder flashers), how to make gas, home-made carbon crucible, methods to copper-plate carbon motor brushes, and on and on.

Code No. 003696, 152 pages, $24.50

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