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The Home Machinist's Handbook by Doug Briney (TAB Books)

Here's everything the do-it-yourselfer needs to set up, and operate a handy-man's machine shop. Areas covered range from shop requirements and proper lighting to buying, using, and storing tools. Ideal for the hobbyist, home handyman, and inventor, this book shows you how to work with basic hand tools and how to read shop drawings. There are also step-by-step instructions, photographs, and a whole range of project plans!

You'll learn how to make metal parts for cars, boats, model trains, guns, cameras, clocks, sewing machines, and more! With this how-to handbook at your side you can make inexpensive machine tools-like a jack and clamp, ball peen hammer, milling machine-and tackle building a replica of a sixteenth century ship's cannon.

If you want to build a new locomotive for your model railroad, repair clocks, or make radio-controlled parts for your plane or boat, without spending the money for parts from a professional machinist, this book is for YOU!

Doug Briney is an experienced mechanical engineer involved in mechanical design and machine work. In his spare time he operates a clock repair service.

Code No. 004441, 275 pages, $43.00

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