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Build Your Own Metal Lathe by David J. Gingery

Build Your Own Metalworking Shop from Scrap No. 2

Build a sturdy, precision metal cutting lathe for much less money than you'd pay for one of those "toy" lathes on the market. The only precision measuring equipment you need is a feeler gauge. You don't need any machine tools. In fact Dave built the two prototypes for less than $US50.00 each.

Your lathe will have a 7" swing over the bed, about 5" over the saddle, with 12" between centres. You can bore the headstock spindle and tailstock to No. 1 Morse taper if you wish. You can scale it up but you'll need larger castings than the charcoal foundry can provide.

A precision of 0.001" over an 8' steel bar can be achieved.

Casting from your charcoal foundry are the secret of building a quality lathe. The only tools you need are an electric drill, files and other handtools along with a very simple home-made disc grinder (that is fully described in the book). A table saw is very handy for making patterns, but not absolutely essential.

You will use this simple lathe to build the metal shaper, milling machine, drill press and the fancy accessories. You get no chuck or screwcutting gears. Dave will show you how to build them and much more in the book on deluxe accessories. They make life easy, but Dave will prove that they're not absolutely essential.

Code No. 004873, 128 pages, ISBN 1878087010, $30.00

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