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Build Your Own Metal Shaper by David J. Gingery

Build Your Own Metalworking Shop from Scrap No. 3

You may have heard that shapers are obsolete, but say that to some one who owns one, and see what response you get.

In fact, there is hardly a cheaper, quicker way to cut keyways, splines, gears, flat and angular faces, dovetail slides, irregular profiles and more. Most of this can be done on a milling machine, but often the milling machine must use an expensive cutter. A shaper, for instance, can use an inexpensive piece of tool steel to cut gears. Forget the expensive cutters.

You can build an excellent metal shaper with a 6" maximum stroke and a mean capacity of 5" by 5". The tool head rotates through 180 degrees for angular cuts, and features a graduated collar with a simple lock. The down feed has a graduated collar, and the exact stroke length can be set. Your shaper will have variable speed, automatic variable cross feed and adjustable stroke length. It will be a machine worth bragging about.

You get all the pattern plans, all the secrets, and all the details. You'll need the charcoal foundry and Gingery's metal lathe or its equivalent. Like Gingery's other books, this one is a jam-packed how-to book.

Code No. 004874, 144 pages, ISBN 1878087029, $30.00

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