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Build Your Own Milling Machine by David J. Gingery

Build Your Own Metalworking Shop from Scrap No. 4

The author describes this book the best:

"It's a horizontal miller, but it has the full range of vertical mill capability when used with the angle plate on the work table. Home shops will find a horizontal mill and a shaper to be not so nearly obsolete as the "experts" say, and even the smallest shop would soon outgrow one of those little toy vertical mills.

The work table is 2 3/8" x 12" with a 3/8" T-slot, and it travels a full 12". The carriage travels 6 1/2" with the tail stand in use, and 8 1/2" with it cleared away.

It took over a month to design the transmission, and it works beautifully! Eight Speeds ranging from 43 rpm to over 2430 rpm. I know of no other small miller except the Dore-Westbury that has such a range. The highest speed in the low range is 270 rpm, and it made a 0.035" cut in the end of the compound with the face mill set at a 3" diameter at that speed with no squawk or chatter.

I made the cutter on the lathe, but the miller is designed to make its own cutter for nearly every purpose. This cutter adjusts from 2 1/2" to 4 1/2". It's an aluminium casting, and it was cast with a steel core to leave the slot for the cutter bit. It shows no sign of failure after planing off the end of compound. The set screws didn't loosen, and the casting wasn't strained in the least amount. That's after several passes over a sandwich of a 1/4" steel top and bottom, and an inch of aluminium between.

Anything is possible. It can make jigs or fixtures that are needed for any kind of work. It can make any type of style of cutter. You can even machine a blank or a Brown & Sharpe gear cutter, mill the lands, and grind the cutter right on the miller.

Code No. 004875, 160 pages, ISBN 1878087037, $18.00

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