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Build Your Own Drill Press by David J. Gingery

Build Your Own Metalworking Shop from Scrap No. 5

Build a professional quality drill press! It can drill a hole with a 5/8" bit through a 1/4" plate without a pilot hole. It has a double reduction that can give a speed of 260 rpm. It can even drill up to 3/4 to 1" holes.

The spindle is mounted in ball bearings, and so is the countershaft for the double reduction. The driven pulley is mounted on a hollow shaft, supported by its own 1" ball bearings to run concentric with the spindle. No Belt tension is transferred to the spindle.

The quill feed is 2 1/2", and it can be made longer. The quill is advanced by a unique cable winch mechanism. This is only a 1/16" cable, though it had ample strength to feed the 5/8" bit to produce a closely curled chip. It has provisions to adjust tension and backlash, which is very important for sensitive drilling with small bits at high speed.

The machine in the book is a 12". It can easily be scaled down about a third or smaller, and it can be scaled up to a hefty floor model with ease. None of the castings used the full one quart charcoal foundry capacity, and all of them were machined on the home-made lathe. Only the spline on the spindle was done on the miller.

Code No. 004876, 128 pages, ISBN 1878087045, $14.00

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